Following much discussion and consideration we strongly advise that all equines competing at this year’s show are fully vaccinated against equine flu, however this will be at the participant’s discretion. Non-vaccinated animals will be entered at the owner’s risk. To date, there have been NO confirmed cases of equine flu in this area, (however, should this status change, tighter measures relating to vaccinations may be introduced prior to the show). All horse owners must act responsibly.

The Llanfair Caereinion show committee would like to issue the following guidelines for this year’s entries:
  • All entries must be fit and well, showing no signs of illness, or having shown any signs, within the previous 10 days.
  • Please practice good bio-security measures.
  • Do not share equipment, buckets, tack etc. with others; Maintain space from all other horses and don’t allow nose to nose contact with other horses that have not been in contact previously.
  • Please return horses to their boxes/lorries immediately after showing.
  • The onus is with the owners/competitors to take responsibility for the health and welfare of their animals as normal.
  • We ask everyone to be extra vigilant. If you have any concerns about your horse or pony please get in touch with your vet. 

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