That the Society shall be called “Llanfair Caereinion and District Agricultural and Horticultural Society”. Local Classes competitions shall be for persons residing within the Llanfair Caereinion High School catchment area with the Open Classes as shown in the schedule are open to competitors from any distance.
That every subscriber of £7.00 and upwards annually, £3.00 (15 years and under) shall be a Member of the Society, and that subscriptions shall be considered due on the 1st April of each year.
All stock exhibited (except ring events) must have been in the possession of the Exhibitor for at least 2 months prior to Show Day. All exhibits in the Agricultural Produce Class must be the Bona Fide property of the Exhibitor, grown, produced or manufactured on their particular holding.
Exhibitors shall be responsible for any consequential or other loss, injury or damage including liability occasioned by or arising from any animal including dogs and horses, poultry or item entered for competition or display.
Should the right of any part to a prize be disputed, notice of the same must be given to the Secretary, in writing, on the day of the Show before 6.00pm. This refers to all classes.
Any person lodging a protest must deposit, at the same time the sum of £5.00, which shall be forfeited to the Society (at the discretion of the Committee) if the protest is not sustained. All parties exhibiting at this Society's Show must be governed by the Rules and Regulation as interpreted by the Secretary.
All stock must be on the Show Ground by 9.30am promptly unless otherwise stated in the Schedule. Judging will commence at 10.00am except the Ring Events which will commence as stated.
Payment of prizes will be made on production of Prize Cards to the Treasurer. Prize money must be claimed on day of the Show.
The Silver Cups are perpetual unless otherwise stated and must be returned to the Show Secretaries or Section Secretary by the 1st of August following that in which the cup was won.
Entries close on Saturday, 24th August. Entries must be accompanied by the Entry Fee and should be posted to the relevant Section Secretary or handed in at The Institute, Llanfair Caereinion on Saturday, 24th August between 10.00am and 12 noon.
Donors of Cups and Prizes shall become Members of the Society for the year in which the Cup was donated. Donors of Cups and Trophies are respectfully asked to have them engraved before handing over to the Society, in time for Show Day.
Perpetual Cups will remain the property of the Society, unless otherwise stated.

The W Lloyd Pierce Silver Cup, for the member of Llanfair Caereinion Young Farmers’ Club gaining most points in the Show.
The Glanaber Silver Cup for the member of a Young Farmers’ Club (excluding Llanfair) gaining most points in the Show.
Silver Cup for the Person gaining most points in the Show (excluding ALL Young Farmers’ Clubs).

Any competitor who thinks he or she may be eligible for any of the above Cups is asked to notify the Secretary before 4pm on Show Day.

Any articles, or livestock, including exhibits, shall remain the responsibility of the owner or exhibitor.

The Show Society is unable to accept responsibility for loss or damage to articles or livestock, however caused.
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